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Placing of Skob: It Damages So badly?

Let's appear before it! Is only a few successful who can feel proud direct, white and healthy a smile. Other part mortal has yellowish and imperfect teeth because of many reasons, such as an imperfect diet, surplus of drink and smoking and genetic inheritance.
However, we should not agree on it. Certainly not, cosmetic treatment of a teeth has promoted in huge steps and now in a condition to work wonders for our teeth.
One of the most general recommended decisions dentists carries skoby. Usual methods in orthodontics - still the same basically, some have been excluded, though they are increased now with new materials and methods which do their more convenient and more aesthetic.
Processing skob changes according to each person, depending on such factors as: Age, position of a teeth, tooth structure of a bone, health of a mouth and aesthetic wishes.
Processing lasts from one till two years approximately as I have told, depends on each case. In children and teenagers it is easier to address, because their teeth constantly moves and it is not difficult and established as adults; however, the dentist should expect occurrence of a wisdom teeth as they could, has put forward a frontal teeth.
But do not think, whether you put forward a basis three, or four at you are not present the decision. Certainly you do. The risk of a moving teeth - much less than in young men Is required to more time because your teeth is already generated, though, but.
Processing skob follows these steps (the order is not strict):
The diagnosis: ortodont checks your mouth to check up position of your teeth, presence of hollows, a memorial board, and any other deficiency which could interfere with processing. (The dentist could use the intraoral chamber).
For more in-depth study the dentist will give to you and to the order to force tooth X-rays to know bones of your teeth.
Ortodont gives you the processing citation (skoby and other procedures). It is good time to discuss about your expectations and aesthetic preference.
X-rays: X-rays are taken in the X-ray centre. It are not required to bolshemu quantity then 5 minutes. Results are ready in 15 minutes or 2 days in a maximum. The type a X-ray depends on inquiry of the dentist.
Tooth impressions: copies of the Plaster of your mouth. The tray with the elastic tooth test is placed in each of your jaws. With small pressure the dentist holds it in your mouth during 3 - 5 minutes. It, along with X-rays, intends for allocation of your tooth plan of processing.
Hollow fillings: your teeth should be in excellent conditions before a word-combination skob. Once, the dentist identified hollows - if you have any - during the diagnosis and on X-rays.
Extraction: the worst part, but necessity. To create intervals, to make places which will be filled by the bent teeth - at which there is no place enough - the dentist should remove four teeth: Two top and lower 2 cutters.
Preventive maintenance and ftorirovanie: your mouth should be pure and free bacteria. It is easy removal of a memorial board of procedure and the fluoride statement. It can be made manually or with ultrasound.
Placing skob: the dentist pastes everyone skobu on each tooth with pitch. A metal wire of an arch (grey or transparent) transfer through average intervals skob which is fixed with tiny colour elastic bands. Round the top and lower teeth of a molar metal groups are placed to support a wire.
You can choose between these alternatives:
- Metal skoby: regular serye.- Ceramic skoby: Transparent, hardly remarkable, but thin, that obrashchatsja.- Metallicheski-ceramic skoby: skoby are transparent, and a wire prozrachen.- Language skoby: They are metal, and their feature - that they are placed in the internal person of a teeth. They neprimechatelny.- Self-ligating: They do not demand a metal wire any elastic communications. They are enclosed by interactive paper clips. Processing lasts less time than with usual skobami.
Elastic change of communications: fastening elastic bands are changed each two weeks or monthly. You could feel the teeth a difficult and certain pain within several days while groups are not stretched.
* Tooth belenie: It is additional, but is excellent way to give last stroke to your teeth. You have many variants as belenie the laser - rather popular these days-; belenie dark blue light, the usual loaded trays or you could make it houses or at office with self-bleaching of products.
That to processing to succeed, you should co-operate, being constants and after instructions of the dentist. After it comes to an end still, you should visit the dentist some times year for the whole check.
Though this processing costs time, money and a pain; personal and physical compensation does value the price.
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